Mortal Kombat X Mobile Kard Reviews: Undead Hunter Johnny Cage

Beginning Statistics:

Tier: Gold

Johnny Cage: Undead Hunter

Type: Covert Ops

Passive:  Undead Hunter: Johnny Does +30% damage vs Netherrealm.If an opponent redirects, Johnny instantly gains 50% power.

Special Attacks: 

1. Kracker

2. Shadow Dropkick

3. Kasting Kall

Starting Stats:

Attack: 980

Health: 980

Toughness: 1,050

Recovery: 1,050

Power Gen: 100%

Cost: 368 souls

Found In: UHJC Challenge, store, and challenge pack


Basically What his passive is saying is, If he is fighting a netherrealm character, he gains damage. When enemies are resurrected (Jasons, Quan Chi) He gains 50% of power, helping by giving you specials.

 Kracker  is a punch to your enemie’s testicles (crotch), dealing a good amount of damage when not blocked,draining their energy so they can not preform a special attack and will have to re-gain that energy.He shares this special with every Johnny Cage Kard.

Shadow Dropkick

Is more difficult to describe. Dealing medium damage,As Mr.Cage jumps into the air, aiming kicks at the enemy. If the special is not blocked, the enemy is crippled, which makes the unable to tag out. (Useful for finishing off a enemy who is low on health)


UHJC is extremely fast, like the rest of the Cage family. UHJC’s combos are easily chained into his specials. He deals a great amount of damage and is one of my favorites to use to solo Netherrealm kards (Quan Chi, Revenants,Jasons, Etc.).


Costs too much souls in the standard store. Can easily be taken down by heavy hitters. His Boss challenge is a little too overpowered (Had To Use DoT, with raiden).


Pretty much UHJC was designed to be a Netherrealm soloist.He is useful for taking down those Jasons that keep coming back. He’s the one man army.

His passive really allows him to wipe the floor with those evil demons. 

If you’re one of those one man army players (like yours truly) then UHJC is for you.


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